Daily protection moisturiser

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Daily moisturiser and skin protection in one. Double the size, double the value.

Stuff you should know

  • 100ml daily moisturiser, SPF 30, UVA 5*
  • Fragrance free, non-greasy, lightweight
  • Clinically approved for sensitive skin
  • Broad spectrum anti-ageing
  • Water resistant, reef safe, cruelty free
  • Our tip; Use every morning before going outside. Doubles up as a moisturiser and sunscreen so can also be used on weekends away or holidays
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Key Feature


The sun's rays damage and age your skin all year round (even winter). Block damaging UV light and moisturise in one. Use this lightweight, everyday, moisturiser for ultra skin protection and hydration, wherever you are.

Key Feature


Engineered for your skin using first class ingredients and formulation technology. We left no stone unturned making products you'll want to use. It took us years to formulate the range. It can be yours in seconds.

Key Feature


LifeJacket's made and tested with you in mind: dark or light, sensitive, dry, oily or smooth. We've #GotYourBack, whoever you are. It's just down to you to care for your skin every day. We promise you'll see results.

Key Feature


Letterbox, gift and pocket-friendly packaging. Arrives on your doorstop swiftly and ready for action. Just what every practical person needs and wants.

LifeJacket: used and loved by

Our mission is to halt skin cancer amongst men and to do this we need to offer high performance products men enjoy using. So far, the feedback has been positive…..

“Fantastic product. Non-greasy at all and moisturising effect lasts longer than most other creams I have tried. Highly recommended and now a regular part of my routine. Wish the guys the best of luck with their fantastic mission.”

Javier, Ibiza

“I’ve never used a moisturiser or any skin care product but was compelled to after hearing the shocking skin cancer stats for blokes. I now use Lifejacket every day after hearing about it through a friend and fully expect to be a user for life!”

Rob, Sheen

Skin science

A burning issue for men

Almost twice as many men die from skin cancer compared to women. Male skin cancer cases have exploded over the past 20 years and they’re forecast to double over the next 20 years.

It's chemistry

UVA rays penetrate your skin damaging the proteins that give your skin structure, causing ageing and wrinkling. UVB damages the outer skin causing sunburn. Together they're a cause of cancer.

Putting your jacket on

Real skincare should protect you from both harmful UVA and UVB rays. Rays touch your skin all year long, even in the winter. Apply skin protection all year round and stay healthy.

Reviews for Daily protection moisturiser

  1. Andy

    By far the best men’s skin care product I’ve tried.

  2. Scott

    I’ve struggled to find a replacement moisturizer since Clinique stopped their 2in1 beard moisturizer but having read some reviews on Life Jacket I thought I’d check it out. Really pleased with it and would say it’s better than Clinique. Really like the fact it has SPF which is really hard to mind in men’s products so well done guys 👍

  3. Paul

    Excellent experience from the beginning. Smart packaging with a nice note and some extra samples attached. I use the daily moisturiser each morning after shaving and also over my bald head. Great comfort knowing that I’m protected starting the day.

  4. Spencer Roberts

    There are not to my knowledge many moisturisers that come with SPF, so this is a welcome addition. You don’t need much to cover your face and it spreads really well with a little blob. My only fault would be that on me it does not absorb quickly enough and leaves my face looking ghostly, but it doesn’t last long and soaks in within a minute or so. I’m now on my 2nd order and for the price it’s a good deal.

  5. Reg

    Doesn’t need a huge amount when applying which makes the price affordable, and knowing I’m protecting my face every day, even in winter is the reason I purchased it

  6. Alison

    Really good product went on smoothly. No shine either.

  7. Neil

    Hi all,
    I received a couple of samples of various products. I’ve worked outside a lot over the last 30years (yes, I’m 63 now) and to the amusement of my sons (33 & 35) I’ve (finally) started looking after my skin. Daily moisturising has made a massive difference and my rehydrated face has attracted comments and compliments as to my looking healthier. I had a couple of suspect tiny growths removed an sun exposure blamed, so I had to begin looking after myself. Coincidentally, I found Life Jacket, contacted them and now enjoy the very readable, human and informative, posts.
    Nice, non greasy or sticky products. And, for men (nice to see the ladies using it too!)! I VERY reluctantly use women’s products, so nice to have men’s gear. Love the hints and tips, keep them coming!

  8. Reg Mears

    Have been using the daily moisturiser for a couple of weeks and yes you could pay for some standard supermarket moisturiser and in this context size does matter, but just a little moisturiser goes a long way

  9. Richard

    very good cream, light on the skin

  10. John

    The products are just what I have been looking for in my Daily Lifestyle being on and off the water so much and the Harsh environment we live in I feel Safer every day from sun and wind damage

  11. Perry

    Just makes sense to have sun protection included in your daily moisturiser

  12. Marc

    Great product. Excellent protection.

  13. Thom

    I’ve been struggling for a while to find a decent moisturiser that also protects my skin, especially in the construction industry and being on site every day. I like to look after my face but had never found a product that works with my oily skin. I’ve always found them to be fairly thick on my face and lead to spots but this feels really smooth and fresh on my face and I couldn’t be happier. I like to apply a daily moisturiser and use lifejacket protective moistures on my face every morning

  14. Anne

    I ordered this product for my boyfriend and he was hugely impressed with every aspect of it. He finds it really difficult to find a moisturiser for men offering SPF and without leaving him ‘greasy’. This product worked a treat and he actually now moisturises daily! The delivery and packaging were fab and the guys even included some free samples. Top service and would definitely order again!

  15. Jacky

    Presentation box was great plus the waterproof bag. Both moisturiser and lotion go on easily and disappear. Very happy

  16. Michael

    I am particularly happy with the 30 spf daily moisturiser. I had been using a 15spf which seems to be the highest that anybody does, so I have been looking for better protection because I work outdoors I use the high protection sunscreen for my baldy head and neck

  17. Mark

    Protection 30spf and non greasy. Moisturiser feels and smells nice

  18. Deano

    Product is good and effective. Didn’t get burnt at all. Service brilliant. However I will not be using it as I just feel my face is too shiny and skin looks sweaty whenever I wear it. I will continue using the sun cream however as the sun cream absorbs nicely.

  19. Michael

    I really love the packaging, the feel of the product and the protection it gives. I am trying to change my habits so that I use the daily moisturizer as my daily face cream (hard to break a habit!) The only thing I think I would like moving forward it larger bottles as I fear I am running out quite quickly. I also loved your personal note on the delivery – made me feel uber special!

  20. Taylor

    It is non-greasy and goes on well and I keep it in my bag for when I’m out and about – since the difference I’ve noticed in just a few weeks is excellent. It has become my go to product not just in the mornings but when the sun is strong which thankfully has been often recently and it makes me feel more secure.

  21. Jon Fitzpatrick

    I have bought all of LifeJacket’s skincare products recently & am really happy with them all. They do what it says on the tin. Really easy to apply, the creams adsorb into the skin brilliantly – no clogging or matting regardless of whether I’m smooth skinned or with stubble. And all of the sun creams & moisturisers are non greasy too. Very pleased.

  22. Gillian Nuttall

    Yes, I’m a woman and I originally got the products for my husband and son…….. sorry lads…….. I’ve purloined it all but I have replaced it. This is the best moisturiser with SPF and sunscreen I have ever used – and I’ve used a lot. Keep doing what you’re doing guys.

  23. Steve Lyne

    I was lucky to receive some samples and the LJ mission statement. Whereby I would normally buy women’s products to gain the 30SPF in a moisturiser, I could see that these guys were targeting male awareness to skin cancer. I feel strongly about the cause and the products are so good I use them all and bought a couple of shirts. (I already have a wide brimmed hat or I would have had that as well). Good luck.

  24. David

    This is a great quality moisturiser will the added benefit of sun protection. it goes on nicely and is absorbed quickly yet your skin still feels nicely moisturised. A quality product.

  25. Steve

    The daily protection is perfect. I’m bald and have been struggling to find a moisturiser that doesn’t leave me shiny whilst also protecting me from sunburn. Love this product.

  26. GUY

    Added daily protection. Not used a multi moisturiser before discovering Lifejacket. Non greasy or thick. It smells good and absorbs fast. Perfect for a day on the trail, hills and mountains…. or just in the beer garden!

  27. Alex

    I’d been looking for an SPF moisturiser for a while and came across this from LifeJacket. Love it.

  28. Stephan

    Have in the past been a bit of a sceptic, but read the facts around daily skin protection and the sun and felt it was time to take it seriously. This is just what I was after. Cheers LifeJacket!!

  29. Pete

    Enjoying it so far.

  30. Gaby

    Like the branding, delivered quickly and in a great box. Most importantly the product was what I was looking for.

  31. Carl

    I had always moisturised but not with a product that offered SPF and UVA protection, so decided to make the switch. Really liking it so far.

  32. Andrew Hay

    Reading the information on skin cancer made me more conscious of what product I am using. This is a great moisturiser – easy to apply , absorbs quick. Good value, great packaging.

  33. Max

    Does what it says on the tin. I put it on first thing in the morning, it’s not sticky, soaks into my skin really nicely and I can forget about it for the rest of the day. Perfect

  34. Sam

    Product is nice, like the branding and appreciate it is something more aimed at men. Took a bit longer to arrive than I was hoping but nicely boxed when it did.

  35. Robert

    Before this I used a moisturiser but it had no SPF. The idea of one moisturiser that does that but also adds sun protection into the mix was appealing so I thought I’d try this from LifeJacket. I’m now a convert as the product is really nice to use with the added benefit of being something I can use on the back of my neck etc if I’m out in the sun. Would strongly recommend.

  36. Rob

    I’ve never used a moisturiser or any skin care product but was compelled to after hearing the shocking skin cancer stats for blokes. I now use Lifejacket every day after hearing about it through a friend and fully expect to be a user for life! I’ve also never written a review before but felt compelled to in order to get the word out about this great product!

  37. Banksy

    Great to have a quality moisturiser with an SPF for men! Great product. Is easy to apply and really like the fact its non-greasy.

  38. Mungo

    I love the Daily Protection Moisturiser. No fuss, no weird smells. Just does the job whether I’m out running, swimming or playing tennis.

  39. Dave

    I have started using this every day, recently went out for a beer at lunch and wasn’t worried about getting burnt in the beer garden! Skin feels great too.

  40. Rich

    Massive fan. Never before bothered using face creams, but this product is genuinely brilliant. Apply every day now and would happily recommend to anyone

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