LifeJacket founders

In all honesty, the very reason we set up LifeJacket was because of you.

Why? Read on.


We were three healthy young men who thought we were indestructible. But then four of our healthy and fit male friends, in their thirties just like us, were hit by cancer. Including one of our co-founders, Jono.

Sitting in hospital with friends while they had chemotherapy, watching the effects of the disease on them, we realised that cancer could happen to any man of any age.

We started asking questions about the disease – and, as suntan fans, what we discovered about skin cancer shocked us most of all.

Skin cancer now kills nearly twice as many European men than women

More than 90% of cases are caused by the sun’s rays

Incidence in men is predicted to rise 90% by 2040

The very simple reason: not enough men protect themselves from the sun. Despite the risks, men are twice as likely as women not to apply it. And the hundreds of men we asked said they didn’t because creams were too greasy, too hard to rub in over their body hair, too targeted at women and, simply, too much hassle.

We realised some of these guys could be our friends, our family, us – or even you.  And we wanted to do something about it.


The science of sun damage and of creating world class products gave us purpose and is core to our DNA. We set to work with a team of industry experts. The objective was clear: to create the first range of high-performance, year-round sun protection products, exclusively for men.

It took more than three years of in-depth technical expertise to get there. But we didn’t want to rush it because we wanted a product that would work for you. And was head and shoulders above everything else.

The result is LifeJacket. And we’re incredibly proud of this new range.


Today, the LifeJacket mission is simple: To stop men getting skin cancer. To raise awareness. And to help you live a longer and healthier life.

Call it brotection. Call it buddy-minded. Call it what you want.

We just want you to know the risks. To know what to do about it. And above all, to know that LifeJacket has got your back.

So welcome to LifeJacket. We love that you’re now part of our mission too.

BillyJono and Rob
The LifeJacket Team

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